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Vendor Opportunities

Get more out of your IDS membership by putting your product or skilled service in front of the designers at every meeting.  ALL of the options below are available for paid IDS members ONLY.  Our new location is ideal for all Design Partners to participate in networking.  If you'd like to 'bump it up' a little either on a regular basis or occasionally, here are your current options, but check back frequently as we're constantly striving to improve opportunities for you!

Tier One
(free to all members):
Promotional Table:  Put out your business cards, brochures or other paper collateral for designers to collect. If you're a member and attending meetings, this is an easy thing!
  You should be doing this at EVERY meeting.

Tier Two ($25 to all members):
Table Top Display:  Bring an assortment of your products, promotional materials, pictures or other representations of your business and 'work the table' before and after the meeting.  Our goal is 3-4 tables per meeting.  Open to all Vendor Members.  Hint:  These tables are very popular with Designers!  At one of our meetings, we actually were there a full hour after the meeting was over while the designers poured over the beautiful things brought in by the vendors.

Tier Three ($50 to all members):
Vendor Presenter:  Be our vendor sponsor for the meeting.  You'll get about 10 minutes in front of the group.  You can present a slide presentation, talk a little or just answer questions.  You should also plan on a table top display.  Again, these are very popular and allow for excellent follow-up to your presentation.  Supply coffee/juice or whatever little nosh you choose.  

Have an event to promote?  Let us know and we're happy to help you get the word out to our membership.  A great suggestion is to begin several months before your event by taking advantage of our free promotional table.  Two to three months before your event set up a table top display, then the month before, be our vendor host.

For more information, or if you have suggestions, contact us at idsportland@gmail.com.  The entire Board of Directors is here to help YOU interface with the designers and grow your business and networking base.

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