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Annie Ross House is our selected Philanthropic partner.  They provide emergency housing for displaced families, (including dads) and help them to get back on their feet & into their own homes or apartments.  Many of these families come to Annie Ross House with only personal belongings. This is where IDS comes in.

Our teams of volunteers ready the living quarters for each new family by paining, furnishing & decorating the apartments with donated items. The families can then take the furnishings with them when they move. We are always on the look-out for replacement furniture, bedding, etc.

Do you or your clients have items to donate?  Call Michelle at the house, 503-654-1007, to arrange for delivery time.  Too big for you to carry?  No problem, Michelle can help with arrangements.  

You can also visit their website at http://www.nwhousing.org/history-arh.php for more information.

For even more information, you can contact IDS members, Cheryl Belozer at designingwithcb@aol.com and Sue Lass at suelass@envogueinteriors.com.

What do you need to set up a home?

Each of these homes requires the same sorts of things you would need, and want, in setting up your home.  Anything you have to donate would be of use, of course, but here’s a basic list to get the juices flowing:

 From a purely basic NEED level:

·          Linens -- Towels, sheets, dishtowels, hot pads, blankets, comforters, pillows, quilts

·          Cooking Supplies -- Pots & Pans, utensils, colanders, measuring spoons, cups, mixing bowls

·          Kitchen Service Items -- dishes, glassware, silverware

·          Furniture -- Dressers, beds, sofas, desk, tables (nightstands, side tables, coffee tables), desks

·          Electronics -- coffee maker, electric skillet, radio, alarm clock

·          Kids furniture -- high chairs, small sized table/chair sets

·          Lamps/Lighting

In addition to the NEEDS of the families, we are adding the cozy, personalized touches and finishes to make these families really feel at home as they transition back to a place to live. 

 From a décor basis, we need:

·          Decorative bedding

·          Fabric remnants

·          Throw pillows/throws/table cloths

·          Draperies

·          Wallpaper/border remnants

·          Decorative Accessories

·          Creative Storage Solutions

What else can help?

·          Your time.  This is an ongoing project and will require TIME from our members.  In return, you get the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.  Think about how important your daily surroundings are to you and how what we do makes a difference in our paying clients’ lives.  Our goal is to provide this same positive experience and sense of well-being in the lives of others. 

·          Money.  Let’s face it, donations alone will not be enough.  We’re working on a creating ways to have a little working capital to provide those items donations won’t cover.


How to get the word out?

·          Facebook – gotta love facebook!  I posted to my wall and received four immediate offers of stuff.  You can do the same.

·          Email – we all have an address book! 

 o     Email your clients.  You’ve just created this awesome new look for them, As they give up their old stuff, they often want it to go to a good place.  In most cases, the value of donation exceeds 28% of the price they would get if they were to sell it outright.

o     Email your colleauges.  Share with them the benefit of charitable giving.

o     Email your friends.  Everyone has stuff cluttering up their garages and they want it GONE!  Here’s the perfect chance.

Conversation – as you talk to your friends, colleagues, clients, keep Annie Ross in your mind!  We all have so many blessings (and so much STUFF), Annie Ross House is the perfect way to give to those less fortunate.

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